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Financial Education

Equipping young individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills for financial responsibility through workshops, seminars, and resources covering budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management.

Financial Responsibility

Not only do we empower young artists by honing their creativity, but we also help strengthen their financial skills. Our financial resource does just that. Through comprehensive workshops, seminars, and tools, we guide young people on the essentials of financial responsibility. From mastering budgeting to understanding investing and navigating debt management, we ensure our students can handle their finances confidently. It’s not just about supporting them in the present – it’s also about preparing them for the future.

Youth Toastmasters

Enhancing the communication skills of young individuals by providing a supportive environment for them to practice public speaking, develop confidence, and improve their leadership abilities.

Youth Leadership Program

Effective communication is as vital as artistic expression. Our Youth Toastmasters program is tailored to foster this essential skill in the students we work with. Within a supportive environment, young people are given the platform to hone their public speaking, boost their confidence, and refine their leadership capabilities. We’re committed to ensuring our artists create and communicate clearly and confidently. It’s about crafting voices, both on and off the canvas.



Career Path Education

Providing mentorship, career exploration opportunities, and workshops that help young individuals identify their interests, strengths, and aspirations.

Career Path Guidance

Finding a fulfilling career stems from recognizing one’s unique strengths, interests, and aspirations. Career Path Guidance helps young people pinpoint their passions and align them with potential career paths through tailored mentorship, explorative opportunities, and insightful workshops. It’s more than just guidance – it’s lighting the way to a purposeful and passionate professional journey.

Substance Abuse Awareness

Raising awareness about the risks and consequences of substance abuse through informative sessions, interactive workshops, and community initiatives.

Substance Abuse Awareness

At Joshway, we’re dedicated to informing and protecting our community. Our Substance Abuse Awareness Program stands as a testament to this commitment. Through in-depth sessions, engaging workshops, and community-driven initiatives, we shed light on the risks and repercussions of substance abuse. It’s not just about information; it’s about helping students foster understanding and resilience against potential pitfalls in their journey. We’re here to inform, guide, and uplift.




Introducing youth to mindfulness techniques, stress management strategies, and self-care practices through workshops, guided meditation sessions, and mindfulness exercises.

Practicing Mindfulness

Full artistic expression requires a balanced mind, body, and spirit. Practicing Mindfulness was designed with this philosophy at its core. We introduce young people to the art of present living, stress management, and essential self-care practices through dedicated workshops, guided meditation, and practical mindfulness exercises. It’s more than just awareness; it’s about fostering a harmonious balance and setting the foundation for creative and personal growth.

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Mariah Goodie

Outreach Team Member

Hailing from the vibrant city of Houston, Texas, and nurtured by the artistic energy of both Houston and New York, I’ve woven a tapestry of experiences that have shaped me into the creative advocate I am today. Starting as a poetic youth and young speaker, with transformative years I’ve gone from stage to TV and film and continue the journey of honing my craft. I’ve worn the hat of a mentor and leader guiding youth in the National Peer Assistance and Leadership program. 

I’ve been selected and awarded as a lead speaker for the City of Houston’s district attorney’s annual Black History gala and proudly led my alma matter into a national competition as a solo act in the National Thespian Festival. I am truly passionate about connecting with people from all paths of life, promoting self-love, and women empowerment, and inspiring others to reach their highest potential through my artistry and future aspirations.

 In my free time, I enjoy traveling, learning new skills, and pretending to be a 5-star spa and food critic. I am a learner of life and believe that we all individually have a divine purpose that awaits us. My mission is to authentically connect, illuminate the paths of others, share my life’s journey along with Josh’s to all of my fellow dreamers, and most importantly shed light and love freely just as he did.

David Robertson

David Robertson

Founder & Outreach Team Member

Although his professional success has included helping FinTech Business Solutions transform during two decades with the company and being named to the Electronic Transaction Association’s Forty Under Forty list, David’s proudest achievement has been founding Joshway in honor of his brother, Joshua. The nonprofit’s mission is to inspire and support young artists in the Lehigh Valley. His philanthropic service is deeply rooted in David’s family values and passion for helping others reach their full potential.

Jen Perez

Jennifer Perez

President & Outreach Team/Board Member

With over a decade in the non-profit sector, including the College Hill Neighborhood Association’s executive team, and in the private sector, where she’s the Chief Operating Officer of FineTech Business Solutions, Jennifer’s transformational leadership is unrivaled. She’s committed to mentoring startups, ensuring operational excellence, and advocating for education, training, mentorship, and research.

Andrew Battle

Outreach Team Member

From the football fields of Dieruff High School and Indiana University of Pennsylvania to the bright lights of the National Football League (NFL), Andrew’s journey has been nothing short of incredible. Now, that journey has taken him back to Lehigh Valley, where, as a successful real estate investor, he wants to leverage his expertise to help the community realize its dreams.

Robert Loftin

Robert Loftin

Outreach Team/Board Member

A dedicated Allentown educator for more than six years, Robert teaches his students that life is a continuous journey of growth and understanding. Fueled by a love for competitive sports, traditional values, and helping young people in his community, Robert is grateful for the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the next generation.

Chris Rotondi

Chris Rotondi

Outreach Team & Board Member/Advisor

As a proactive board member, Chris harnesses strategic insight, leadership excellence, and community engagement to drive social change and make a difference. Dedicated to fostering collaboration, his hands-on approach encourages continuous advancement, champions meaningful transformations, and helps create a better world for all.